Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence Day 2015

Happy Fourth of July from London! Although it is strange to be so far from the US on Independence Day, we still got to do plenty of "American" stuff over the weekend. 

In case you aren't aware, weather in London is weird. It was 95 degrees on Wednesday, and today when I woke up it was foggy and 58 degrees. Luckily, one of those hot days fell on a weekend, so we got to take our little guy to the kiddie pool at a local park.

I also got to help out at the absolutely massive Fourth of July party at Winfield House, the Ambassador's residence. I spent the first half of the event checking people in at the front gate, but I still got to enjoy the party.

In fact, I made it into the party just in time for Duran Duran's one-hour set. It was pretty awesome. As many of you already know, I am a huge James Bond fan, so when they played "A View to a Kill" as their opener, I was pretty pumped.

The next day was the Embassy family event, which means we all got to go to Winfield House together. Here we are in our Fourth of July finery.

The Duke got to have some ice cream, too, which is always fun. Not pictured: the Duke getting brain freeze for the first time in his life. Not so fun.

Dueling baked goods! Sarah made a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake for the family event (no word yet on whether she won), and I made an American flag tres leches cake for a BBQ over the weekend. All in all, not a bad Independence Day!

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